A consignment of illegal drugs smuggled to finance ISIS seized


Police in Italy have seized smuggled drugs worth billions of euros.

According to foreign media, this copy of the potent drug ‘Captagon’ was allegedly made in Syria in order to finance ISIS.

According to officials, ten of millions of tablets made from a billion-euro drug called Captagon have been recovered from containers at the port of Celerno. 

According to the report, the drugs weighed about 14 tons and were hidden with paper drums and wheelbarrows.

According to the police, the seizure of such a large quantity of smuggled illicit drugs at one time is a world record.

Remember that a drug called Captagon contains amphetamines, which are given to people with impaired mobility and sleep disorders.

However, due to its addictive nature, the drug is banned and generally used illegally, and in recent times has been used by militants in the Middle East and Africa.

Fighters use the drug to keep themselves active and say it increases their ability to fight and makes them more brutal.

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