A dangerous TikTok trend needs to end!

Lahore, 6th October: A threatening trend has recently become a hype on TikTok in Pakistan.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, a shocking trend is taking place on the social media website TikTok.

As per reports, some girls on TikTok have started a strange way of making their videos. A group of girls is seen entering male washrooms in malls and then they shoot their TikTok videos.

A TikTok profile by the name of ‘Laibii’ has been caught making a so-called light video in the male restroom of a mall.


The video shows the girl passing through a female restroom and entering the male washroom. On seeing a boy there, the girl laughs and shuts off the camera.

It may be observed that the girl doesn’t seem to be in an urgent situation to use a male restroom despite the female one available.

The video is made just for fun, but if something goes wrong then who will be held responsible?

On the other hand, if the same thing is done by the male gender then the movements like MeToo are created.

There are no cameras in the washrooms and if the girl gets sexually assaulted in such a situation then who is to be blamed?

This is not the kind of entertainment our youth should indulge in and look for!

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