A heart touching message on social distancing by Bushra Ansari


Lahore, 2nd June: Bushra Ansari, Pakistan’s renowned senior actress has send out a heartening message for the people of Pakistan to observe the safety rules during the deadly pandemic coronavirus.

Leading actress Pakistan showbiz industry Bushra Ansari is currently out of the country. She says in a video message that she misses Pakistan a lot but she is not able to come back to her country because people are not taking this disease seriously and are roaming about everywhere.

Bushra Ansari recently released a video message on social media in which the actress said that wearing a mask during the epidemic is necessary, however, there is no fun in doing any kind of a make-up or in applying a lipstick.

Bushra Ansari said in the video message that she could not return to Pakistan because you (Pakistani people) are walking in the bazaars, and you are not taking it seriously.

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“You people have considered this epidemic to be a delusion and a joke, because of which it has spread so much, and because of this we are stuck here, how can we go back, we are afraid, we are wondering when to go,” she said.

Everyone is stopping her to go back to her homeland, where the coronavirus cases are escalating.The actress holds the Pakistani people responsible for her condition..

She has appealed to the people, “Please save it from spreading, stay at home, and be careful.”

Baaghi TV urges you to play your part as a responsible citizen by staying at home to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and the community.

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