A hidden conspiracy behind the explosions in UAE


Dubai, 1st September: Explosions in two American restaurants took place in the United Arab Emirates ahead of the first Israeli commercial flight operations in the Muslim kingdom.

According to reports, recent explosions in two American restaurants KFC and Hardees in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have created doubts hinting at a controversy.

Just three days back the United Arab Emirates (UAE) made history by officially canceling its boycott against Israel. On Monday, it did it again by opening its airspace to the first-ever direct flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi.

Making History: First flight from Israel due to land in Abu Dhabi

However, all did not go well at the historic event. Just hours before the Israeli flight landed, two explosions rocked the restaurants in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi and its tourism hub of Dubai. At least three people were killed and several others wounded.

UAE news sources reported that the incidents were caused by exploding gas containers in the kitchens of the fast-food restaurants in question, and made no mention of nefarious intent.

The Israeli flight lands using the Saudi airspace

However, footage uploaded on social media showed the extensive damage caused by the Abu Dhabi blast.


No reports were further made by the UAE officials on the incidents leading to the speculations of terrorism in the state.

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As reported by one of the news websites in Israel, the blasts occurred just before a commercial Israeli flight carrying US and Israeli officials was scheduled to land in Abu Dhabi, the first direct flight between the two countries.

What’s more, the explosion in Abu Dhabi occurred at a KFC restaurant located on the “airport road,” presumably along the very route the Americans and Israelis were to travel after arriving in the UAE capital.

UAE lifts boycott on Israel, opens new trade corridor

There is no lack of terrorist organizations in the region that oppose the Israel-UAE normalization deal. It is being hinted that one message has been carried out with two operations.

Speculations are made that some Muslim organizations in the Emirates are against the peace deal between UAE and Israel.

It may be remembered that El Al flight 971 from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi had permission from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to use its airspace, and the plane passed right over the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

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