Peace deal went awry, UAE gave a big shock to Israel

Baaghi TV reports that the Israeli Prime Minister opposes the UAE on the deal of warplanes of United States. The UAE canceled a meeting with Israeli and US officials.

This meeting was the first meeting on the resumption of relations with Israel. The cancellation of the meeting is a message from the UAE to Netanyahu. Officials from the United Arab Emirates, Israel and the United States were due to meet on Friday.

Tensions between Israel and the United Arab Emirates began shortly after the peace deal. The peace deal was given great importance, but the UAE canceled the first formal meeting with Israeli officials over the Israeli prime minister’s opposition to the weapons.

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The Trump administration, on the other hand, wants to sell F-35 jets to the UAE. Israeli Prime Minister has opposed the sale of the aircraft to the UAE, as it is currently the only state in the Middle East to operate a US F-35 fighter jet.

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Mossad director opposes sale of F-35 fighter jets to UAE Speaking to Israeli television Channel 20, UC Cohen, director of the notorious Israeli intelligence Mossad, rejected the Israeli cabinet’s decision to sell US F-35 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates, says that Israel opposes arms sales which threaten its supremacy in the region.

The United Arab Emirates has insisted on buying US-built F-35 fighter jets and has called on Israel to remove obstacles.

It should be noted that the UAE has recently maintained diplomatic relations with Israel under the policy of “take it or leave it”, which has been strongly condemned at the international level and protests against it are continuing.

Earlier, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin invited Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to visit Israel following the establishment of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

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“I am very hopeful that the agreement reached between the two countries will help the people of the region, will help increase confidence.”

The Israeli president added that the agreement between the two countries would increase stability and economic prosperity in the Middle East.

Earlier, UAE-Israel diplomatic relations began to take effect. ‘Strategic Trade Agreement’ on Corona Virus Research. The Emirati Apex National Investment Company has reportedly signed a “Strategic Trade Agreement” with Israel’s Tera Group to assist in the research and development of the corona virus, including testing devices.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) state news agency WAM (WAM) quoted Apex chairman Khalifa Youssef Khore as saying that the agreement would serve humanity by strengthening research and studies on the novel Corona virus. It is considered to be the first business (agreement) to launch a trade, economy and effective partnership between the UAE and Israeli business sectors.

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