A Hybrid War is Being Waged Against Pakistan: Sheikh Rasheed

A Hybrid War is Being Waged Against Pakistan: Sheikh Rasheed

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has stated that Israel and India are waging a hybrid war against Pakistan.

While talking to the media in Rawalpindi, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid stated that the case of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter must be termed a disappearance, not an abduction, since according to the investigation, no one was sitting in the taxi.

He further divulged that the Afghan ambassador’s daughter went missing for a few hours, during which time she changed local taxis 4 times – which means that it isn’t a matter of law and order.

Reports state that the Home Minister went on to say that Pakistani agencies were investigating the case to its full extent and said that the daughter of an ambassador is just like our own daughter. “The government will fight the case,” he said, “And will wait for results.”.

Sheikh Rashid further said that Israel and India were waging a hybrid war against Pakistan. “Aren’t crimes happening all over the world? Are crimes not happening in Mumbai? Indian media is using the Afghan ambassador’s daughter’s abduction as propaganda,” he said.

Referring to the Dasu incident, he said that the investigation was being carried out at the highest level. “Agencies are investigating the Dasu incident just the way they investigated the Lahore incident,” he stated.

Referring to PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz, the Home Minister said that during the election campaign in Azad Kashmir, Maryam Nawaz was speaking more against Imran Khan, rather than Modi. “She didn’t have anything to say against Modi,” he stated.

He also further stated that Maryam Nawaz was using unsavory language in Kashmir and that he had never used such language against her.

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