A letter to the Crown Prince MBS

While you are known internationally as Prince MBS i.e Muhahmmad Bin-Salman, I am an unknown Suleman-bin-Muhammad, with due respect I dare write my thoughts and also express my humble opinion about Muslims as of today through this letter to you your excellency.

I, like many others, feel that God has blessed you with vision and zeal to change the destiny of your people with very pragmatic and rational approach to achieve your desire goals. In a bid to be a true leader you must have thought as to why the Muslims, as an Ummah failed to take accounts of their failures and redress them with affective means with growing empathy and lethargy, they are allowed themselves to be pushed into the void of bumbling vacuity.

With no sense of destiny and no meaning attached to their lives. This is the state the decadent culture and be valued lifestyle that prevails in Muslim countries in general and Arab countries in particular.

There was a time when Muslim Scholars, Phillosephers and Scientists were in the forefront in the Middle Ages when Most of Europe was dormant and groping in darkness. Men like Avicenna and Al Afghan Abduh were in favor of Ijtihad in for against the opposition of dogmas from Mullahs and orthodox religious authorities which has made Muslims become so unproductive that over the past 1000 years they have had no tangible contributions in the grooves of science and learning knowledge and technology.

Thus, drowning in the depth of decadence so much that they appear to have lost not only the capacity to think but also the ability to act. Muslim scholars conclude that lack of education, desire to learn, will to fight against odds, and unity are the main reasons for the decline of Muslims.

They will remain paralyzed as long as they remain trapped in the cobweb of theories that have no relevance to the practical realities of human life. As we see, the Western World has been moving from one stage of progress to another, however Muslims have been stagnant and sterile. This is overall the pattern of Muslims life across the World.

Human History is full of evidence that blind faith never tolerates logic and rationale. Dogmatism has the propensity to subjugate pragmatism. Europe liberated itself from the clutches of blind faith some eight centuries ago against self-proclaimed divine wisdom of Church; hence the result today is evident. In fact, religion and politics never merge into a single construct. In the last few days of the Roman Empire when Rome

Became Christian, Christianity became Roman. Leading to Voltaires’ truthful jest that the Holy Roman nor an Empire.

The real followers of our Prophet (PBUH) are those who ignore the beaten paths of traditions. As Iqbal rightly stated that if following all the traditions had been a virtue of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) tpp would have walked in the footsteps in his ancestors.

Maybe God has given you a lifetime chance to turn the tide and make the Muslims realize their shortcomings and try to regain the glimpse of the past glory. All the rulers who can change the destiny of the people make decisions not knowing that the time vindicates very few of them.

May God Bless Your Excellency,

Suleman Bokhari

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