A new twist between KSA and Israeli joint plan: Lucman

Lahore, 1st May: Today Mubasher Lucman on his Official YouTube Channel unfolds a very interesting game between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

According to his video, Mubasher Lucman states Israel seems to be unveiling a plan with Saudia. Generally, the emotions are that Saudia and Israel are polls apart but reality seems to be somewhat different. The relation between these two states is changing rapidly and diplomatic grounds show a lot of one another.

Lucman tells us that Muhammad Bin Salman carried an image of a strong Muslim ruler and had the support of Arabs somewhat similar to Saddam because of his anti-Iran stance and feelings. He has the desire to achieve atomic arsenal and capability.

We must support PIA to strengthen it: Mubasher Lucman

Americans and Israelis have been making sure that no middle eastern become militarily strong or achieve atomic capability. For this matter, they have been fueling Iran/Iraq dispute and destroyed any strong military in the region.

Mubasher Lucman in his video explains that Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of Donald Trump has a strong relation with Muhammad Bin Salman. Under the cover peace deal, some ambitious business deals are in process.

The US state department has been active in canceling the travel permit of Kushner but the President has been preventing it. The recent power deal between the US and Saudia amounts to an 80 billion $ trade agreement for Electric Power Plants.

Saudia will try and acquire the atomic capability to deter Iran as Isreal will remain quite in the UN on this issue to gain more friendly relations with Saudia. They will in return win Saudi support in unlawful and inhumane atrocities in Palestine and occupation of whatever small land is in control of Palestinians.

Corona has affected YouTube community a lot: Mubasher Lucman

The rest of the world seems to be unconcerned, may it be brutal attacks on Yemen by cruel Prince Salman or cold-blooded murder of Jamal Khashoggi or unlawful detention of royal members and businessmen.

Lucman further adds that Israel seems to be confident and relaxed that Atomic power Saudia will be no threat to them. Kushner family who has huge business stakes in Israel and west bank are busy selling atomic reactors to Saudis with the blessing of Trump and Israel to support their crashing construction business.

The regional peace seems to be endangered with this move. Another weapon race would start in the region and defense equipment manufacturers will be in business and huge purchases will be made to gain supremacy.

In the coming days, more facts and figures are expected to unfold.

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