A report reveals why Karachi Express got derailed

Lahore, 8th March: A report regarding the terrible accident of Karachi Express that took place on Sunday has been finalized.

Baaghi TV: A report into the accident of a Lahore-bound Karachi Express train, which derailed near Rohri has been finalized and sent to the Railways minister.

According to the report, the bogies of the Karachi Express derailed near Rohri due to the crumbling condition of the track.

As per reports from ARY News, during the inspection of the 490-kilometre route of the train, it was revealed that the track fish plate at 1.5 feet was found to be broken.

The report further disclosed that the coupling between coaches 12306 and 12412 was also broken.

The report said the trains have been advised to maintain a speed of 65 kilometres per hour due to an engineering fault at the spot and blamed the driver stating that the train was over speeding and the driver tried to bring it to 65-kilometer mark which led the train being dragged to 2402 feet, signs of which were also discovered on the track.

It further added that data from the engine and a forensic report of the track will further help in discovering those responsible for the accident.

It is to be remembered that a woman passenger was killed while 30 others got injured after nine bogies of the Karachi Express derailed near Rohri in the late hours on Sunday.

After the incident got notified, rescue teams reached the spot and shifted the injured to a nearby hospital.

As per reports, railway officials said the train derailed due to old and rundown tracks. They added that after the accident six to eight trains were stopped at different stations.

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