A short note on Opinions, Views, Perspectives, Judgements

Cognitive research shows that our intuition, opinions, perspectives, views and judgements.

Are much more valuable, productive and accurate in areas where we possess in depth domain knowledge, experience, expertise and have strong evidence of success.

If one doesn’t have domain expertise in the area one is commenting on the judgement is usually flawed.

It doesn’t matter how successful one has been in one’s own domain area and posses great knowledge, experience or expertise.

Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, were convinced that The Segway would become the most revolutionary and successful invention after and second only to the PC.

They were totally wrong!

By the way this not my opinion but based on research by Erik Dane.

What does this tell us?

Be very aware not to rely on your intuitive intelligence to take decisions in domains where you are significantly challenged.

Seek expert insights and knowledge and combine it with your domain knowledge of your area to give yourself a better chance at a better decision or holding a more insightful view, opinion or perspective.

This is true for politics, religion, business, science, technology, arts and every known body of knowledge!

Social Media discussions would be so much saner if we were just conscious of this fact!


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