A video of Malik Riaz’s family’s violence gone viral

Lahore, 27th May: A video regarding violence and threats by the family of a renowned business tycoon Malik Riaz has gone viral on social media.

According to Baaghi TV, a video of Malik Riaz’s daughter has surfaced in which she is seen carrying out brutal violence against a Pakistani model and actress Uzma Khan.

Recently, a video involving the actress & model Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan has surfaced in social media, becoming a top trend #UzmaKhan on Twitter in no time.

It’s worth noting that the 33-year-old actress began her movie career with the movie “Waar” in 2013. Since then, she has featured in movies such as Jawani Phir Nahi Aani, Teri Meri Love Story, Yalghaar, and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2.

The first video triggered the influx of rumors on Twitter that these were wife and daughter of property tycoon Malik Riaz who barged into their house in Lahore along with bodyguards and intimidated the showbiz personalities.

In a second video, there are bloodied footprints seen on Uzma Khan’s floor and she is being run over by glass pieces and being threatened to be picked up from the agencies. Bad language is also being used in this video.

It is believed that Malik Riaz’s daughter came to Uzma Khan’s house with her gunmen and made her a target of violence as could be heard in one of the videos. However, a second video has emerged which clearly shows the presence of Malik Riaz’s daughter in the model’s house.

Malik Riaz’s daughter, along with her private bodyguards, forcibly entered the house of well-known model Uzma Khan, threw petrol on the model, and her sister Huma Khan.

She also allegedly threatened to burn Khan for having an illicit relationship with her husband. The actress got frightened when Malik Riaz’s daughter threatened to pour oil and set them on fire.

In the video, girls are saying that Usman (Malik Riaz’s son-in-law) forcefully comes and lives with them on which the woman abuses her.

As per reports, Usman, the root of the problem, is also there and his car is parked in Uzma’s garage.

Social media users are criticizing Malik Riaz’s daughter for throwing oil on two women and abusing them, which clearly depicts the inhuman behavior.

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