A visit to Birds Park in Lake View Park Islamabad

I took some guests to Lake View Park on 27th June 2019 which is quite a famous tourist place in the heart of Islamabad. It is always over crowded due to visitors hailing from all areas starting from morning till late evening. Having heard about variety of beautiful species of birds there, I decided to straight away go to the Birds’ Park!

We first paid entrance tickets then bought separate tickets for each location! I paid 100/person for birds park entry for a total of 8 persons! All my enthusiasm and entertainment vanished, the moment I entered the park! I was expecting a beautiful and healthy environment and greenery just like we have in Islamabad every where! But to my utmost disappointment It was more like a drought stricken place with dusty and muddy grounds with few old big trees mocking at the visitors!

I went into a state of shock and agony to see smelly shelters for birds and garbage around! It was a torture to see thirsty birds scattered every where in a very bad condition!

The height of brutality was that the birds mostly living near water like swans, ducks, flamingos, pelicans, geese etc were trying to survive on dry ground with dirty feathers without even a drop of water! There was poorly maintained area with very shabby, depressing and unattractive view. The birds were placed there without any separation and classification. Even there were no sign boards for learning their names and species. Their wings were muddy, dry instead of fresh and shiny! It was more like a gloomy dungeon than a refreshing resort.

Could not find any staff inside the bird park otherwise would definitely convey my concern!

Everyday there are hundreds of visitors which multiply in numbers on weekends, with frequency of tickets at every stop! A few minutes random survey can reveal the per day income of the park! This is an irony that if this is the situation of a renowned park in Islamabad under the nose of rulers what would be the situation of rest of Pakistan in the context text of promotion of tourism and good governance!
We must look into this for improvement!

A message for general public “they also have an equal role to play to voice out such negligence on the part of relevant institutions!”

Public pressure is a great weapon if used effectively at the right time for the right cause! Let’s do it ?

Long live Pakistan ??


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