A warning for the world : World War III predicted in the next few days


A major Russian military analyst has reportedly warned the world that a new world war could break out in the next four weeks. He did so while giving an interview to the media.

According to a foreign news agency, defense analyst Pavel Felgen Hower has warned that in four weeks the world will witness a European war or even a world war.

He made the prediction after analyzing large-scale Russian military movements in eastern Ukraine and areas near it.

It should also be noted that prioritizing this threat, Western countries have already expressed concern over Russia’s military movements.

As unconfirmed new footage in Russia’s Voronezh, Rostov and Krasnodar regions has shown military movements, the military analyst further says that it is normal for countries to express concern over this issue.

A footage captured recently shows dozens of military helicopters, trains  and other military vehicles which have alarmed other countries.


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