Abdul Razzaq clarified the statement regarding Nida Dar

Former cricketer Abdul Razzaq has clarified the comments made on Pakistan women’s cricket team all-rounder Nida Dar.

Abdul Razzaq said in a statement on Twitter that his words were misinterpreted, the comment made about fellow cricketer Nida Dar was presented in a light-hearted manner, it was not intended to offend anyone, the choice of words. And the way they were presented was wrong.

The former cricketer added, “I had called Nida Dar and made my position clear. I have a lot of respect in my heart for all women, especially for women cricketers who have achieved tremendous success in the field of sports.”

In the end, Abdul Razzaq praised the fellow cricketer and said that Nida is the shining star of our country, I hope she will continue to shine the name of Pakistan.

It should be noted that a clip of a private TV program had gone viral on social media in which Abdul Razzaq was telling the host about cricketer Nida Dar that you should shake hands with Nida and see that she no longer looks like a girl.

He was severely criticized by social media users after the video clip went viral.

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