Abbottabad police and GDA establish two facilitation centers in Galyat

ABBOTTABAD, Dec 14 (APP): The Galyat Development Authority (GDA) Abbottabad police Saturday jointly established facilitation center and a control room at Nathia Gali and Changla Gali to facilitate tourists and locals during snowfall in Galyat.

Abbottabad police also provided tire chains for the tourists those would be available on rent for small and large size vehicles while the rent for small size vehicles would be 1000 rupees and large size 1500 rupees, this rate would also apply on private chain owners.

Galyat police also advertised police control room and facilitation center’s landline numbers to be used in case of emergency and if someone is overcharging for tire chains in Galyst, police would take strict action against the profiteers.

The GDA has cleared main Muree road from Nathia Gali to Murree for all sorts of vehicles while on some of the link roads, the C&W department is working to open the blockage of roads from snow and land sliding.

Third spell of snowfall has been finished in Galyat and Thandyani whereas in some areas of Changla Gali and Thandyani, the snowfall was recorded up to two feet.

Tourists rush increases to ‘Kumrat Valley’ after snowfall of winter season

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