Actor Adnan Siddiqui gives a Shut up call to an Indian troll

Famous Pakistani Actor Adnan Siddiqui took to Instagram to express his support and solidarity with Palestinians and gave a shut up call to an Indian troll saying Humanity comes First.

He shared a heartbreaking video of a 10 year old girl helplessly crying for the people of her country not knowing how to help them. Adnan Siddiqui gave a Wake up call to his fans through the post.

On his post, an Indian troll commented “I support Israel” to which Adnan Siddiqui furiously gave a shut up call. Siddiqui replied to the objectionable comment stating that Humanity comes first. No matter if the people of Palestine are dying due to war or the people of India dying due to Coronavirus, he stands for the both causes as Humanity should always be preferred first. He then added that in the name of Humanity he stands with Palestinians.


To this, The Indian troll replied mentioning that he had mistakenly commented as he thought it was Adnan Sami but he is also Adnan Siddiqui’s fan. But that doesn’t change his views, he still stands and supports Israel as it is his choice and he has his own reasons. He said that everyone has a right to stand for whatever they think is right and so should Adnan Siddiqui.