Actress Nimra Khan removed all her pictures with her husband


Lahore, 27th September: Pakistan TV actress Nimra Khan is speculated to have separated from her husband recently.

According to reports from Baaghi TV, actress Nimra Khan who got married during the lockdown is suspected to have been separated from her husband.

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In April, Nimra Khan tied the knot in a private ceremony. Her marriage to her husband who is a policeman in London was totally arranged.

She has been sharing photos with her husband on social media. She also said that during the lockdown, she has been able to get a better understanding with her husband who she never knew before her Nikah.

It is being speculated that now the actress has removed all her wedding pictures and those with her husband from her Instagram handle.

People are speculating that Nimra Khan Got separated from her husband as both are not being seen together from some time.

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‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan’ star also recently reported getting injured after having a brutal fall from stairs. She shared pictures of herself having a severe injury to her nose and eyes after falling from stairs.

People are assuming that Nimra Khan’s injuries were not normal and maybe the reason for her getting separated from her husband.

People on her Instagram account are already asking questions about her alleged separation.

Nimra Khan has been under trauma in her life before in the year 2014 when she survived a car accident, and if this is the second time, she is better off to be left alone.

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