Adele calls herself “Voldemort” without her makeup!

Nikkie de Jager, the beauty YouTuber, and famous popstar Adele join up for a highly entertaining video in which de Jager does Adele’s makeup.

In the video, She  leaves one side of Adele’s face completely bare and fully transforms the other with winged eyeliner, eye shadow, clearly demonstrating the power of makeup. De Jager has previously done makeup on herself and other celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore in the past, making her extremely talented at her work.

The video includes an interview along with a makeup tutorial, during which Adele shares plenty of amusing tidbits answering to de Jager’s questions. One such tidbit is delivered around the 8:40 timestamp, when the two talk about eyebrows.

Adele bluntly admits that if her brows aren’t dyed, she resembles Voldemort from the Harry Potter movie franchise, which made viewers laugh out loud. “They go so pale and blond, almost as if they just disappear! ” she says.

She said further that there is a photo of hers leaving a Lady Gaga gig in London, in which she claims that she looked crazy resembling an elfling. Her eyebrows were so blown out from having not been dyed. At the time he baby was just 6 months old so she didn’t have time to do anything but brush her teeth.

In addition to revealing Adele’s Potterhead status, the video is full of other confessions, including the fact that Adele learned how to dye her own brows during the pandemic, her obsession with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and how long it typically takes to have her makeup done. Watch the entire clip above to see de Jager unveil the true power of makeup with help from Adele.

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