Afghan agency NDS handed over NADRA identity cards to TTP

KARACHI: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has revealed that the Afghan National Agency (NDS) had provided identity cards to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in NADRA’s database.

According to details, Director FIA Sindh Zone One Amir Farooqi revealed in a press conference on Thursday that identity cards have been made for TTP terrorists from NADRA.

Amir Farooqi said that cards were also made from NADRA to al-Qaeda terrorists, the identity card of Indian citizen Imran Ali, who was involved in the Safura attack.

The identification of the Chinese consulate was also modified in the attack, according to the FIA director. NADRA was also used by Allah Nazar and nationalist militants to create identity cards. Several terrorists from NADRA have identity cards, according to Amir Farooqi’s assertion.

The FIA director went on to say that several NADRA Sindh employees are participating in this.

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