Afghan peace conference to be hosted by Pakistan

July 16, 2021: Pakistan has invited Afghan delegates to the Afghan Peace Conference this weekend.

The Afghan Peace Conference is to be held in Islamabad tomorrow from Saturday into Sunday. Pakistan will be hosting the Afghan Peace Conference from July 17-19. Pakistan has invited 30 Afghan delegates to the conference, including Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the Afghan High National Reconciliation Council, President Hamid Karzai, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Chairman Masood Foundation and Ahmed Wali.

Former Vice President Ahmed Zia Masood and several other delegates have also been invited to attend the conference. Prime Minister Imran Khan will address the conference. The purpose of the conference is to advance the peace process in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, the sources said that the Taliban were not invited to the Afghan peace conference. In this regard, senior analyst Abdul Jabbar Nasir said that if the real stakeholders of the Taliban do not participate in the Afghan peace conference or are not invited, the conference will not only fail, it could be a source of further difficulties for Pakistan, damaging its role as a facilitator.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed regret over Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s accusations against Pakistan and said that it is unfortunate that Pakistan is being blamed for what is happening in Afghanistan. PM Imran Khan said the Afghan solution is not military but through negotiations. He expressed concern that when the United States gave the date of withdrawal, then how could the Taliban listen to what Pakistan had to say.

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