Afghan Taliban delegation meets Chinese Foreign Minister

July 28, 2021: A delegation led by Mullah Bradar Akhund, the Afghan Taliban’s deputy political chief and head of the political bureau, met the Chinese foreign minister.

During the meeting, they discussed the current situation in Afghanistan, the peace process and bilateral relations with China, among other issues.

Earlier, the Taliban delegation met with the Iranian foreign minister in which the Afghan Taliban said that a commitment to dialogue and a political solution would be the best choice for Afghan leaders and political groups. He will also meet with a group of Afghan political leaders from Kabul. An Afghan Taliban spokesman also said that Iran had invited a Taliban delegation to visit for bilateral talks.

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif said that Afghan leaders and the Afghan people should make serious decisions for the future of Afghanistan. Iran is ready to assist in the negotiation process between the two sides.

On the other hand, in a recent interview with American TV, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan’s position is clear that the US and the Afghan Taliban should come to the negotiating table, we played a role in bringing the US and the Taliban to the same table. The Afghan people have to decide what kind of government they want. Everyone saw that the military solution to the Afghan problem failed. 

Khan said that when he used to say there was no military solution to the Afghan problem, he was called Taliban Khan.

Imran Khan said that when there were 150,000 NATO troops in Afghanistan, there was a time for a political solution. When the date of withdrawal from Afghanistan was given, the Afghan Taliban thought that they had won the war. Now it is difficult for the Afghan Taliban to find a political solution. The Afghan Taliban think they have won the war and so its harder to make concessions and find middle ground.

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