Afghan Taliban gives special interview to Mubasher Lucman


Pakistan is our second home. Afghanistan is going to be the cradle of peace. Afghan Taliban, Zabiullah, spoke to Mubasher Lucman while giving an interview, according to the reports.

In response to a question from Mubasher Lucman, the Afghan Taliban spokesman said that first the US and its allies should withdraw from Afghanistan and then we will see what to do with the airbases and other important places used by the US military.

On one occasion, when senior journalist Mubasher Lucman asked the Afghan Taliban spokesman if it was true that the Afghan Taliban had reached near Kabul with only a few hours left, he said that we were a short distance from Kabul. Mujahideen are present in the western district. They are now reviewing the situation in Kabul. When the foreigners leave Kabul, they will enter into resolving issues amicably and then take control of Kabul.

He said that the Islamic Nation of Afghanistan intends to resolve the issue through talks and the process of going to Kabul will be through talks. Similarly, all issues will be resolved and if negotiations or talks are rejected then we will see the last option.

On the other hand, when Mubasher Lucman asked the spokesman if the series of attacks on Pakistan from Afghanistan would stop, he said why not, when we come to power, the border of Pakistan will not be considered. “We want Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan to be good,” he said. We have refugee brothers in Pakistan. We will not allow anything to happen between the two countries.

Referring to the talks with India, Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah said that there were no talks with India. The spokesman said that the news of talks with India was baseless.

In an answer to the question, the spokesman said that why the control of Kabul airport was handed over to Turkey? Whatever we decide, we will do it ourselves, and Afghanistan does not need any outside help. It is our place and our home. We will not allow NATO or any other country’s personnel in this country, whether it is Turkey or anyone else.

The Afghan spokesman said that more than half of the country’s territory is under the control of the Islamic Emirate.

Regarding a question in which Mubasher Lucman asked whether coming to power will end drug trafficking from Afghanistan? So the spokesman said that if we get compensation for agriculture, then we will eliminate drugs.

Our message to Pakistan is that Pakistan is a brother and we have favors, our refugees are there. Our trade relations will also remain the same. There will be trust and good neighborliness between the two countries.

Remember that Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah does not speak Urdu, he gives interviews in Pashto, but for Baghi TV, he gave a special interview in Urdu.

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