Afghanistan needs a break from a bloody war!

Lahore, 15th June: When it comes to Afghanistan our minds think about bloodshed, the presence of military troops, clashes between Afghan Taliban and security forces, destructive infrastructure and no health facilities and many more things that happen every day.

Afghanistan is the neighboring country of Pakistan and our state has serious impacts due to instability in the neighborhood.

Pakistan supports the peace process in Afghanistan because peaceful Afghanistan means peaceful Pakistan. Pakistan hosts 3 million Afghan refugees and it’s hard to handle the bulk of people in these difficult times.

India is trying hard to disrupt the peace of this region and keeping its terror activities within Afghanistan to destroy the peaceful environment of Pakistan via cross-border terrorism.

Pakistan is taking measures to counter these issues by fencing the Pak-Afghanistan border, 80 percent of work has been done under the supervision of the Pakistan army rest will be finished soon.

A peace deal between the Afghan Taliban and the US army is a remarkable step in the peace process but India is not happy with that and continues to spoil the whole process.

With the change of dynamics Pakistan’s strategy shifts from geostrategic to geoeconomic and that’s the need of the hour finally we have leadership that foreseeing the futuristic needs.

Pakistan played its wonderful role while pushing the Afghan Taliban and US army officials to a table to negotiate for a peaceful settlement.

A nexus between RAW and NDS favors the Indian and Afghan governments in wake of peace agreements.

However, Pakistani agencies badly expose their agendas and linkages and they’re preparing accordingly.

Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan which is beneficial for the people of this region. The corrupt Afghan government and its security forces losing their control in many cities show that their evil minds lead them to defeat.

It’s been 4 decades of war, millions of people lost their lives, this is high time that Afghan needs break from a bloody war. Pakistan continues its efforts for a peace process that will help both countries in near future.

Written By: Muhammad Mustansar

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