Afghanistan’s largest Bagram Air Base handed over by US

According to reports, the US military is in the process of withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan.

In this regard, NATO forces have completely evacuated the largest Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. 20 years later, the United States handed over Bagram Air Base to Afghanistan.

The road to the airbase is littered with used electronic goods, from telephones to thermoses and computer keyboards to US military equipment. However, some of the equipment was burned before it left for the United States, although some of it has been sent back to the United States or given to the Afghan security forces.

Military equipment transferred from Bagram Air Base by at least three flights. Bagram Air Base has been the center of foreign forces and air operations, and for the past two decades, US presidents have resided here in Afghanistan, including the famous Bagram prison.

Bagram Air Base was built by the Soviet Union in the 1980s. It is the largest military base in Afghanistan with thousands of US and NATO troops stationed there.