After Afghanistan, will the end of the war in Iraq be possible?

On the one hand, where the US has announced to leave Afghanistan completely by August 31st, including the allied forces, the US has also announced that by the end of the year 2021, the US will remove its forces from Iraq and end the war mission in Iraq too. The Iraqi government also claims that the Iraqi forces have the potential to defend their land, so for peace in Iraq, there is no longer any need for US forces, but if the US wants, they can help the Iraqi forces in training and counseling against terrorism.

America and Iraq agreed to change the American Army mission in April 2021, and then it was likely that America will take its forces out of Iraq, but due to some reasons, the time frame for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq was not decided. International analysts say that the nature of the American Army mission deployed in Iraq has been changed and no American troops are being called back because America considers its presence in the region to be indispensable and for this purpose, America has established its bases in all the Gulf countries. Some people in the US are supporters of the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq, but at the same time they do not even want the US to get out of Iraq, That’s why the US wants to keep some of its soldiers in Iraq, but this number is not yet clear.

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Apparently, the presence of American soldiers and experts in Iraq means that American intervention in Iraq will continue. US President Joe Biden thinks that America should take out its forces from the Middle East and focus on preventing the growing global influence of China and Russia. However, analysts believe that like Afghanistan, the US has been forced to withdraw its forces from Iraq, not that America has succeeded in its military mission. In the year 2003, there were 1, 60,000 Americans and their allied soldiers in Iraq, but now this number is only 25, whereas some special forces are also in Iraq who help local forces to fight ISIS. International defense experts believe that the presence of US forces in Iraq has become quite controversial, especially in January 2020, when Iran’s general Qasim Sulaimani was killed in Baghdad, including the leader of the Iraqi military, Abu Mahdi. Remember that in the year 2003, American President George Bush issued orders to attack Iraq, including the United States Army’s Allies, accusing Iraq of mass destruction and the presence of international terrorists in Iraq. So, US President George Bush made a loud claim to make Iraq a peaceful place, but after the American invasion of Iraq, there was a manifold increase in tension and unrest, and civil war broke out there.

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In favor of the withdrawal of the US army from Iraq, there were massive demonstrations by the civil society in many countries of the world including the US, while both the US congress houses also demanded the withdrawal of US and Allied forces from Iraq. In 2011, the US army went away from Iraq. However, after the occupation of some cities of Iraq by ISIS, the Iraqi government again sought help from the US. In the same context, some circles still believe that after the complete withdrawal of the US Army in Iraq, the differences between different groups for power can take the form of civil war. This situation paves the way for US forces to stay in Iraq further. Now it is to see if the US is really serious about withdrawing its forces from Iraq and ending the ongoing war in Iraq over the years or to justify other miscreant forces including ISIS, a new game plan will be brought to bear to ensure the presence of US and Allied forces in other Gulf countries, including Iraq.

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