After Fire, Hafeez Center ambushed by thieves

Lahore, 18 October: Where the fire in Hafeez Center is wreaking havoc, thieves have also become active.

According to a Baaghi TV report, the fire at the Hafeez Center in Lahore, where millions of valuables belonging to shopkeepers and traders were burnt, also led to thieves looting the remaining goods.

Where on the one hand, shopkeepers are trying to move their goods to a safe place, some people tried to break the locks of the shops and take out the goods.

When the police caught them, they said, “We are shopkeepers.” The police investigated and found out that they were thieves and robbers. Reportedly, four to five people have been detained at Gulberg police station.

It is to be noted that a fire has been raging in Hafeez Centre Lahore since morning and efforts are being made to control it.

The fire at Hafeez Center Lahore has gradually engulfed all the plaza in its bed and the shops. Many valuables in these shops including computer, laptops and mobiles have been burnt thus causing loss of millions of rupees.

Four to five fire brigade vehicles are still busy putting out the fire.

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