After gasoline, flour, and sugar, Pakistan faces medicine crisis again

Dexamethasone has disappeared from the market after being found to be helpful against Coronavirus.

After gasoline, flour, sugar; Pakistan experiences medicine crisis once again. Steroids called dexamethasone disappear from the market when the pill is helpful in Coronavirus treatment.

According to the details, two days ago, it was revealed that Dexamethasone, a steroid pill, is helpful for respiratory restoration in patients with Coronavirus. As soon as it was discovered, medical stores and wholesale dealers like Chloroquine have also removed it from the market. This 75 paisa pill will now be sold for around Rs 3 to 4.

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Remember that for the past few days, a pill called Methyidazole is also not available. It is composed of Flagyl as this pill helps in inflammation of the intestines and stomach and the diarrhea caused by the heat seems to everyone. That’s why pharmaceutical dealers stocks that will now sell at custom rates.
After the artificial crisis of flour, sugar, petrol and other commodities, people are worried about the crisis of medicine.

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People say that the government has completely failed to overcome the crisis and is not serious. Only the people of the ruling party have been found involved in the flour crisis. Therefore, it is likely that these people will have a full hand in the drug crisis.

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