After Hania Aamir, Asim Azhar also breaks the silence on his relationship

Leading singer of Pakistan music industry Asim Azhar also broke the silence on his relationship after actress Hania Amir and released a message for users on social media.

News of the wedding of singer Asim Azhar and actress Hania Amir was also circulating and they both appeared together at every event including fashion shows but now both of them have parted ways which the actress herself admitted.

Actress Hania Amir while talking to singer Aima Baig about singer Asim Azhar and her relationship said that she and singer Asim Azhar are best friends but at the same time she explained that they are not in a relationship.

Hania Amir said that she and Asim Azhar have no relationship and they have never met like this and they do not look at each other like this. They are best friends and they keep helping each other.

Hania Amir  had said that she had recently appeared in Asim Azhar’s song and these days the singer is helping her in a project.

Some fans were upset and angry over the actress’s confession of friendship and denial of relationship with Asim Azhar.

Fans also made various comments on Hania’s statement on the social networking site.

People also criticized Tik Tok star Areeqa Haq after Hania’s statement. Singer Asim Azhar shared a photo of himself and Hania Amir on Instagram on March 5 on which Areeqa Haq wrote “Fav Couple”.  Following Hania’s recent statement, social media users started criticizing Areeqa Haq and started comparing her to Sadaf Kanwal.

While many people started writing “Fav Couple” on Asim Azhar’s post on March 5, after which Hania Amir responded to the critics by sharing a detailed message.

Hania wrote in her message that Asim is a beautiful part of my life and our relationship is unparalleled. We have seen some insults as well as something else and we share a bond without anyone’s support. We don’t like hate and we like to see it, this is what is being said.

“I know Pakistanis have a good sense of humor, but be easy, social media trolls, don’t be completely free and don’t overdo it,” Hania said.

However, now after the confessional statement of actress Hania Amir in front of Aima Baig, singer Asim Azhar also did not remain silent and he released a long message in this regard on the social networking website Instagram.

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It has not been an easy journey from the beginning. Imagine a 16 year old putting himself out there for the world to judge. I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights & irritable mornings but if it wasn’t for these challenges & the support from my loved ones – I wouldn’t have been the man that I am today & would definitely not have the courage to write this. Thank you to each & every one of you who has supported me thru out this journey. Every single one of you who has shown me love, every single comment, like, follower & specially my fan pages. I’m thankful for the positives & the negatives around me because they’ve always pushed me to be a better version of myself. Thank you for showing love to all my songs & specially the response on Tum Tum, which has been overwhelming. Its still trending #1 on YouTube music which is nuts. Crossed 5 Million views in 10 days. Amazing. And also, I was trending on twitter for the past week thanks to the creative memers. Humour ka kaafi maza aaya. Kasam se. But sometimes you guys cross the line unintentionally, khayal kar liya karo. I am somebody who is driven by his art. I like my work to talk. I like to speak thru my actions, rather than pointless banter, specially on the internet. I am extremely grateful for being able to create art that I want & to show it to the world. I am happy where I am, I am content, Alhamdulillah. I am constantly working towards making myself better, a better son, a better friend, a better artist & above all, a better human. And I pray that we all find happiness & peace within ourselves & deal with all the challenges that we face with as much patience as we can. p.s. AS HANIA SAID, THE BOND WE SHARE IS BEYOND ANYONE’S COMPREHENSION. IT IS BIGGER THAN ANY LABEL FOR ME. TOU ARAAM SE BETHO SAARE, HAR JAGA MUHALLE KI PHUPHO NAHI BANTE. SHE’S THE KINDEST & MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN. I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HER & VICE VERSA BECAUSE THATS THE IMPACT SHE’S HAD ON ME. MADE ME LEARN TO GIVE & LOVE. LIKE I SAID, IT IS BEYOND A LABEL. p.p.s. As mentioned earlier, I like to speak thru my art, so here’s the first look of my new single ‘SONEYA’ – releasing 23 JULY 2020, hope you like it. xx – AA

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Singer Asim Azhar shared a glimpse of his upcoming song ‘Sohnia’ with which he also wrote a long message, the singer wrote in a long message mentioning his struggle that the journey of my life is not easy from the beginning  and since the age of sixteen I have faced many challenges but here I am thankful to all of you that you all supported me a lot.

The singer said, “I also thank you for the popularity of my song ‘Tum Tum’. In just a few days, my song has received 5 million views, which is an honor for me. My song is still on YouTube, it’s trending on no. 1 and I’m seeing a lot of funny memes on social media because of this song but sometimes you guys go too far.”

“I want to be trending because of my work, but you are a part of memes in a negative way. Praise be to God, wherever I am, I am very happy and satisfied. I consider myself a good son, a good friend and a good human,” he said.I am trying to be human so that I can face all the challenges of life.

Talking about his relationship with Hania, Asim said that Hania has a beautiful personality who taught me to love and share love, so our relationship will always be strong and our relationship is more than a label.  He also said that our relationship is so strong that it is unimaginable.

Criticizing those who talked about the relationship between the two, the singer said, “You all sit back and don’t become the aunt of the neighborhood everywhere.”

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