After issues with electrical system with the 737 MAX emerge, FAA to audit Boeing’s design changes on the plane

New York, April 30 2021: The Federal Aviation Administration will be reviewing Boeing’s procedures for design changes in the 737 MAX in an audit that safety regulators say will help Boeing identify areas of improvement in processes according to an agency spokesperson.

A Boeing spokesperson also  commented saying that it would work with and  engage with regulators to help them to improve the safety and quality in the operations

The role of the regulator is to oversee and continually evaluate all aspects of aviation safety so that the world’s safest form of transportation remains so. The audit will run alongside the investigation already underway in regards to issue that led to the grounding of more than a 100 MAX jets after Boeing alerted 16 airlines of a possible electrical problem with some of the planes.

The company has been under the microscope after two fatal crashes in the recent past and the subsequent grounding of the MAX jet for 20 months, while an investigation by the congress on the role of the FAA has lambasted the agency for not enough diligence and grossly insufficient oversight of Boeing while the MAX was being cleared for certification. The agency re-certified the MAX last November after successful tests run by pilot and by FAA director Steve Dickson

On Wednesday, the FAA issued an airworthiness directive requiring modifications to design to ensure “sufficient electrical grounding” for the MAX jets to address the potentially unsafe conditions. After which Boeing said it has been working on two service bulletins to address the problem of completing work to ensure the return of the jets back to service. The FAA then needs to sign off on the bulletins before airlines begin the required work.

Thanks to the effects of the pandemic that essentially shut down travel, the problem, which surfaced during the manufacturing process, has so far not significantly affected airlines but may become significant after demand is expected to pick up significantly this summer.

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