Ahmad Massoud: “I sacrificed my family for the nation.”

Kabul: Afghan Taliban have betrayed, while I sacrificed my family for the homeland, says Ahmad Zia Massoud; reportedly, the resistance coalition in Panjshir stopped fighting as the Taliban promised to do so as well.

However, he claims they never completed their end of the deal, and I have lost many family members during the clashes.

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Ahmad Massoud, the son of Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, who fought against Russia, said in an audio statement posted on social media that the resistance coalition in Panjshir had halted the battle at the request of local clerics. However, Taliban militants violated their pledges and continued fighting.

“On Sunday, a few members of my family lost in battle with the Taliban. Resistance troops are still deployed in Panjshir’s key area,” he said.
Ahmed Masoud stated that the Taliban have not changed and are more extremist than before. Criticizing the international world, he said that history would decide who the real allies of Afghans are. Massoud also said that the NRF will be announcing a new spokesperson shortly and that their fight would continue.

Head of Anti-Taliban Resistance says: “The war isn’t over”.

It should be noted that today the spokesman of the Afghan Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, has declared victory in the last province of Afghanistan, Panjshir. He said in a statement that the enemy’s previous bastion, Panjshir Valley, had been captured. The spokesman of the Afghan Taliban said that the Islamic Emirate had taken entirely over Panjshir.

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