Aijaz Jakhrani’s Name be Put on ECL: NAB

Former MNA, Aijaz Jakhrani, currently fighting to acquit himself from several charges of corruption

Lahore (22nd June, 2019): NAB demands former MNA Aijaz Jakhrani’s name be put on Exit Control List (ECL).

According to Baaghi TV’s reports, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has requested former MNA Aijaz Jakhrani’s name be placed on the ECL along with names of his front men namely Nimal Das, Bhool Chand, Kamlesh Kumar, and Razak Bahrani. NAB’s decision is based on Jakhrani’s connection with a corruption case, for which an inquiry is currently ongoing.

Sources claim that the State Bank of Pakistan on directions from NAB has already blocked the accounts of few people believed to be involved in the corruption scandal including those of Saroop Kumar Gehani, Nimal Das, Chandur Lal, Bhool Chand and Permet Kumar due to Jakhrani’s connection with another corruption case for which consequently, an inquiry is being carried out simultaneously by NAB.

NAB has further confirmed that approximately 300 “benami” properties have been connected to former MNA Jakhrani, who is believed to have acquired them in the names of nearly 22 Hindu traders operating in the interior Sindh region of Pakistan.

Moreover, according to Baaghi TVs reports, Aijaz Jakhrani was previously involved in a case for accepting bribes between 2008 to 2018. An amount approximated at Rs. 44 Billion was received by Jakhrani in the name of development projects in the Jacobabad region. However, as confirmed by sources, 90% of the money had been in fact embezzled by the former MNA.

Baaghi TV’s sources further claim that while former Chief Justice, Mr. Saqib Nisar, had ordered an immediate inquiry from the Deputy Commissioner (DC) into the case, none the less, only an insignificant amount could be uncovered.


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