Pak vs South Africa cricket match today.

As the cricket world cup is in full swing, today is the 30th match of the world cup and an interesting one aswell. Today the match will be played out between Pakistan and South Africa. Pakistan have managed to win just one game against England so far. Pakistan has lost three matches against West Indies, Australia, and India, while their match against Sri Lanka was washed out.
To have a chance of making it to the top four, Pakistan needs to win all four of their remaining matches,
South Africa have also gone down badly at the world cup in England and Wales, making just one win, over Afghanistan, in their six matches so far.
Pakistan and South Africa have played a combined 78 ODIs against each other, out of which Pakistan won 27 and lost 50. One game ended in a draw.

The World Cup record between the two sides is just as bad as well. Pakistan and South Africa have played against each other four times in the world cup tournaments (1992, 1996, 1999, and 2015). Pakistan only managed to win one of these matches, and lost the other three.

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