Aiman, Minal Khan lash out at Hina Altaf for calling Muneeb Butt a ‘bad actor’

Karachi, 14 July: Aiman Khan and VJ-turned-actress Hina Altaf might be the Pakistani sweethearts of the Pakistani drama industry but when it comes to their personalities, the two actors are poles apart.
Hina Altaf had been recently invited as an honorable guest on the show, To Be Honest hosted by Tabish Hashmi where the actor was asked to name an actor who does not know any acting but is also content and very arrogant.
Without wasting a second Altaf immediately said, Muneeb Butt, who happens to be married to Aiman Khan.
The video has since then gone viral, also goes on to show the host, Hashmi not really knowing who Butt was and taking to Google to search for him. To this Altaf pointed out that he is the one who had a month-long luxurious wedding
To this, Hashmi replied that he remembered this wedding because of the bride who posted pictures discouraging the trend of dowry right after her overly expensive wedding.
However, this did not go down with Aiman who took to social media to lash out at Altaf.
“Shame on these people for making fun of their colleagues,” Aiman posted on Facebook. “Such uneducated host and guest, I must say.”
Minal also complained and asked why there was so much hatred in the industry.
“Why do we hate each other so much? Such uneducated host and guest!” Minal said.

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