Airline disasters rise in India due to human negligence

The aviation industry in India is really interesting as it is tough to figure out what’s really going on sometimes. Multiple airline disasters over the past year have thrust a spotlight on flight safety and pilot training around the world.

It is not just Pakistan where reports about airline incidents have sent shivers down the diaphragms of both state functionaries and the travelers, but similar cases have also surfaced in the neighboring India. Throughout the past few years, Indian pilots and cabin crew are making headlines due to their negligence during flight operations.

On Aug 7, 2020, an Air India Express Boeing 737-800 (VT-AXH), flight # IX-1344 from Dubai carrying 191 passengers crashed into two while landing in Kerala, killing 20 people so far and many critically injured.

Jet Airways: A dangerous incident in the cockpit

The state police registered a case and constituted a special team to investigate the Air India Express plane crash at Kozhikode international airport. A prima facie assumption is that the mishap occurred due to negligence of the pilot taking lives of nearly 20 people so far.

Reportedly, Jet Airways sacked two senior pilots who were caught in a brawl mid-air, while on duty on January 1, with 323 passengers and 14 crew members aboard.

Another such incident was reported on April, 24, 2011, when an Air India captain led to a fatal overrun a Boeing 737-800 at Mangalore. According to cockpit voice recordings, typical breathing patterns of deep sleep, lasting for almost 90 minutes, were heard before the accident.

Air India Express flight skids off runway, pilot and 12 killed
DGCA issued safety concerns prior to the Air India plane crash

According to reports, they trends are very common in the Indian aviation industry and cause fatal accidents risking the lives of thousands of passengers. The government of India and international aviation safety organizations should take strict action against such airlines in order to ensure safety of the passengers.

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Air India Plane Crash: What exactly happened?