Aiza Khan is saddened by the situation in Palestine

May 18, 2021: Actress Aiza Khan has issued a message against Israel’s brutal bombing and violence in Palestine.

BaaghiTV: Pakistani showbiz personalities are also expressing their grief and feelings against Israel’s brutal bombing and violence in Palestine. Actress Aiza Khan has also issued a message in this regard. On Instagram, actress Aiza Khan shared a painting of children sitting around Al-Aqsa Mosque and wrote, “Have you ever imagined that you are kissing your sleeping child and don’t know that you can all see them again? This is the reality in Palestine at the moment.”

Her post expressed the horrors being experienced by the families and innocent civilians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza strip on a daily basis.

Aiza Khan wrote that this is the horror that is found in these children and innocent lives. She said even if there isn’t much of practical value that we can do, we should still become a unified voice of reason against the oppression of our fellow brethren by the occupying Israeli defense forces.She said, “We can’t do much, but we have a voice that we can all use together against the oppression of our brothers and sisters,” he added.

It should be noted that Gaza has been bombed by the Israeli army for the past several days, in which about 200 have been killed so far with 10,000 displaced.

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    Hamas is making new age rockets – and so,there will be manufacturing defects in the is easier to smuggle missile raw materials,into Gaza – than to smuggle the entire missile,from Iran.

    Hamas rockets can REACH Dimona, and will ULTIMATELY PENETRATE the ADS,over DIMONA.The IDF has NO INTEREST,in destroying HAMAS – as it NEEDS HAMAS,to create a so-called terror entity,as an ENEMY OF THE JEWISH people,and the JEWISH state.That justifies the Arab oppression, military state,siege mentality and the fear psychosis,among the Jews !

    That is Y,every 5 years,the IDF pounds GAZA, and takes a few hits – so that the SELF DEFENSE STORY of a state,and a race under SIEGE,since the times of MOSES – continues – and the moolah,keeps flowing in.

    The ADS uses at least 2 rockets,to target the Hamas rockets,which have no remote or AI control,in the TERMINAL DESCENT.So Y do the ROCKETS ESCAPE THE ADS OF THE IDF ? Surely the IDF,using the cutting edge US tech can stop 100& of all the rockets,fired by HAMAS.

    The answer – the IDF DELIBERATELY ALLOWS THE ROCKETS TO SLIP THROUGH – which is Y none of the rockets land of high density targets ! These rockets land on empty houses or kill 1 or 2 people ! A projectile in its terminal descent (with its warhead),has a 100% predictable trajectory of descent.This is the GENIUS of the IDF.This MAGICAL TRAUMA – is COMPOUNDED BY THE MEDIA AND SOCIAL MEDIA – TO CREATE THE FEAR,IN ISRAELIS AND THE HATRED !

    Y is IDF not targetting the launch sites of HAMAS ? HAMAS is using HEAVY AND LARGE ROCKETS – which need sturdy or semi-permanent launchers ? Surely ISRAELI ABR (which are Drones and AWACS) can triangulate the launch site,in 1 or 2 seconds – and these sites cannot be removed, in even 45 seconds – and can be bombed by the IAF,in 1 or 2 seconds.Evem IDF – GBR can triangulate the launch sites in 2-3 seconds.

    But the IDF is NOT taking out the launch sites – because it wants to keep the rockets sailing in ! It will aid Israel in navigating Biden,in the Iran N talks.

    Besides,propping up HAMAS as a Savior of the Palestinians,taints the Palestinians across the comity of nations,UNDERCUTS AND EMASCULATES THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY,and ALLOWS THE IDF,to plunder GAZA – to build the Anti-Israeli hate,in Gaza – which also UNDERCUTS THE CAUSE OF THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY,and ensures a stream of fighters of HAMAS.

    Even if the PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY wants a 2 state solution – HAMAS and the so-called public opinion – will TORPEDO it – and that also suits,the ISRAELIS as they WANT THE WHOLE OF JERUSALEM for the Jews (With the TEMPLE).Therefore,it assists the MOSSAD propoganda of Palestinians as anti-peace,anti-Jew,anti-israel ………

    SO THE ISRAELIS ARE WINNING AND HAVE A TREATY WITH 4 ARAB NATIONS – who live in mortal fear of the Persians,and their local Shia population.dindooohindoo

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