Al-Fatah store responsible for selling products with pork derivatives: Report

Jan 13, 2022: According to a report by Baaghi TV, it has been revealed that pork products are being sold in Al Fatah store Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab.

Al-Fatah’s famous store in Lahore is allegedly selling pork products, a revelation made by a citizen named Usman Zulfiqar. Usman has made a video in which he has given all the details.

According to Usman, “I bought things from Al-Fatah Grocery Store. When I came home and ate, I started to feel nauseous.”

Usman Zulfiqar in his video message on social media said that I have been living abroad for 14 years and never ate haram meat by mistake but Lahore I have committed this sin because of the well-known grocery stores of Al-Fatah.

Usman Zulfiqar said that he bought a sauce from an Italian company called (RAGU) and used it at home when he had just put a snack of food in his mouth. He said that when he read the ingredients on the saucepan, it contained pork. Trusted a big organization like Al-Fatah and the disadvantage was that they were selling us haraam meat in Pakistan which is an Islamic country.

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