LGS Harassment Case: Actor Omair Rana breaks the silence


Lahore, 21st July 2020: Pakistani drama actor Omair Rana has finally broken the silence and spoken up for himself in the LGS Harassment case.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, after a period of almost three weeks, the actor has broken the spell and refuted the allegations on him.

LGS teachers exposed for sexually harassing female students

Earlier it was reported by Baaghi TV that several students from the Lahore Grammar School had stepped forward with the allegations of sexual harassment by some of their male teachers.

A wave of sexual harassment reports have surfaced against members of faculty of LGS 1-A/1, reportedly four male teachers, and numerous members of the custodial staff.

LGS Sexual Harassment: Former Head Girl comes forward with testimony

The accused have been proven by reports of many students not only using inappropriate language, but also invading girls’ personal space by touching them inappropriately, and sending unsolicited pictures.

It was also reported that LGS former drama teacher and prominent Pakistani drama artist, Omair Rana, has been accused of sexually harassing the female students.

LGS Sexual Harassment: Students accuse Pakistani actor Omair Rana

However, recently Omair Rana has denied all the allegations against him.

He has posted on his Twitter account that he rejects all the allegations of physical harassment against him. He also said that he will be taking legal action for his character assassination on social media.


He also stated that sexual harassment is a heinous crime and should be treated with severity. At the same time, he wants that the dignity of any individual should not be tainted falsely.

LGS Sexual Harassment: Punjab govt vows to make example of perpetrators


Actor Omair Rana’s name has been widely used in the LGS harassment case, however, no evidence has been found against him yet.

The actor has offered to lend his full support and intends to take all necessary steps in this regard.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for further updates!

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