Al-Hamra art museum to display rare art works online

Friday, July 10th: A total of 326 works of art by 8 world-class artists have been made available on the Al-Hamra site.

The Al-Hamra Art Museum is an ideal school for a new generation of artists. Art lovers will be able to visit the Al-Hamra Art Museum at home. Even in the case of Covid-19, new methods are being adopted for the promotion of art.

The museum houses works by Abdul Rehman Chughtai, Ustad Allah Bakhsh, Sadiqin, Shakir Ali, S. Safdar and Hanif Rame. The work of Shamza, Ahmed Pervez, Colin David, Aslam Kamal, Jimmy Engineer, Mary Katrina, Kamil Mumtaz, Molika Ahmed, Saeed Akhtar and other artists is an asset of the museum.

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