Al Jazeera reporter gets badly beaten up by Israeli officials

Lahore, 7th June: A female TV reporter has been badly beaten up by the Israeli forces for covering news on the Palestine issue.

According to reports, an Al Jazeera female TV reporter covering Palestinian protests was badly beaten up by Israeli forces.

Reports from international media said that Guevara Boudiri, a female journalist who was covering the news on Palestinian protests in East Jerusalem, got beaten up by the Israeli men who broke her hand.

Israeli forces meant to stop her from covering news on them.

Israeli authorities arrested and handcuffed Guevara Boudiri, who was later put in a car. According to reports, the female journalist was released several hours later.

The female journalist informed Al Jazeera that Israeli officials beat her up really bad and injured her arm. They broke a bone in her left arm and injured other body parts.

While on duty, the female reported was wearing a protective jacket with the word Press written on it and was holding an Israeli government press card.

Guevara Boudiri has been working for Al Jazeera news publication since 2000 and reports for the Al Jazeera Arabic channel.

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