Al-Qaeda men’s arrest in Kerala, West Bengal strengthens int’l assessment of Indian nexus with terrorist outfits


ISLAMABAD, Nov 11 (APP):The recent arrest of Al-Qaeda terrorists from Indian states of Kerala and West Bengal has further strengthened the global assessment about Indian involvement and nexus with international terrorist organizations.

Indian National Investigation Agency arrested nine Al-Qaeda terrorists from Kerala and West Bengal on September 19, and as usual tried to link the terrorist activities with Kashmir by blaming Pakistan, media reports said.

As it was globally established that India was supporting and using Al-Qaeda and ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) to run its information warfare in the region with special focus to destabilize Pakistan, Indian media was covering the news of Al-Qaeda and ISIS as agenda setting campaign to malign Pakistan at regional and global levels, senior government officials said.

Such media campaigns were sequel to divert international attention from the Kashmiri freedom movement, the officials remarked.

Banning of Amnesty International, the United Nations reports on Indian human rights violations and linkages with the ISIS, surfacing of 256 fake Indian web accounts by a European NGO (non-governmental organization), the US treasury report on Indian banks involvement in money laundering / terror financing indicated Indian involvement in regional terrorism, they maintained.

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