Ali Tareen issued warning ahead of PSL Draft

Multan (6th Nov, 2019):Multan Sultans’ owner Ali Tareen has sent out a stiff warning for players’ agents ahead of the PSL players’ Draft.

Through a tweet on Tuesday, that the players for the franchise would be selected strictly based on statistical data.

Tareen introduced a new process of selection for the franchise which would be based on the recommendations of three data analysts.

“Multan Sultan players will be picked based on data. We have three senior analysts in our draft team and we will rely on them heavily to make sure there are no biases of coaches or management in our draft strategy,” Tareen tweeted. “No player will be selected unless all three analysts approve. And so, there is absolutely no need to approach any of our coaches or management staff.”

The franchise owner claimed that no one can influence the selection process of the players during the draft process.

“If anyone approaches you saying they can influence our draft or get players selected, know that they are mistaken. If you want to talk to someone about our players, you are welcome to talk to me directly,” he concluded

The draft for the fifth edition of the HBL PSL will take place on December 6 and 7, 2019.

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