Ali Zafar appeals to help the needy

Lahore, 2nd April: At the time when the world is going through the crisis of a pandemic and most of the countries are under lockdown, the people who require the help is our labor class.

Ali Zafar, a leading Pakistani singer, and actor appealed to the people that it is time to open their hearts and help the needy in this difficult time ahead.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Ali Zafar appealed on a TV show on Samaa TV, “I appeal to the people to go ahead and help the poor during this difficult time.”

Ali Zafar said, “We are giving ration including flour, milk, sugar, rice, etc to the people and everyone should think of his neighbor whether he is hungry or not”.

The singer informed that according to his information, there will be probably 6 million unemployed people who will be sitting in their homes due to the situation of a lockdown or a curfew, and now they have to feed their families. That is the time to understand the test given by Allah.

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Ali Zafar urged people to rise and help the poor as much as possible. Though it may be difficult to go out and provide food to the people at this time, Pakistanis are a very emotional nation and whenever there is a need for support and help of any kind, Pakistanis rush forward to lend a helping hand.

He appeals to the NGOs, private and government sectors and the religious leaders to unite for the same cause of providing food rations to the needy people at this time of crisis.

Ali Zafar’s noble cause must be appreciated and other celebrities and noteworthy people of our country should raise their voices and lend support for the people in need.

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