Ali Zafar has dropped yet another classic rendition of “Balaghal-Ula Bi-Kamaalihi”

Famous Pakistani Singer and Multi talented Ali Zafar has never disappointed his fans. From Acting to Singing to other talented projects, he has always amazed us with his performance. 

Few days ago, Ali Zafar mesmerized his fans with his heart touching song for the Labour of our country, released on Labour Day “Hum Mazdoor”. While its still being praised by the nation, Ali Zafar has dropped yet another classic rendition of “Balaghal-Ula Bi-Kamaalihi“.

With Muslims around the world celebrating Holy month of Ramadan, Ali Zafar has gifted them another masterpiece in his soulful voice. It comprises with verses from Urdu and Persian Poetry.

Balaghal-Ula Bi-Kamalihi” is a Pakistani qawwali which was performed by the late Sabri Brothers, Ghulam Farid Sabri and Maqbool Ahmed Sabri.

Originally, this naat is based on popular Arabic quatrain (rubai) by the Persian poet Saadi Shirazi (1210-1292).

The video is shot near Badshahi Masjid and it starts with mentioning the most important night in Ramadan, “Miraaj” -The Night Journey of The Prophet’s(SAW) ascension followed by a verse from Holy Quran.

Ali Zafar released this track on all Social Media Platforms including his YouTube channel. On Instagram, he said that he hopes whoever listens to it, feels the same inner peace that he himself felt while rendering it.

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