Ali Zafar-Meesha Shafi Case: Makeup Artist Leena Ghani’s Lies Exposed in Court

Lahore, 21st June: Ongoing defamation suit by superstar Ali Zafar against singer Meesha Shafi has taken an interesting turn after one of her accomplices got exposed in the court.

According to reports, during the court hearing on Monday, make-up artist Leena Ghani’s lie was exposed before the judge when she alleged that her sister Maheen Gani never went with Ali Zafar to Mumbai to meet Bollywood stars.

Social activist Leena now claims that instead, her sister went to meet her friend Sharmeen Aziz who lives in India.

She was exposed in court today with the Facebook chat of Maheen Ghani who begged Ali Zafar for favors and to take her to Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Sharmeen’s chat was also revealed before the court where she sets the record straight that she never lived in India and Maheen never stayed with her rather stayed in the same hotel as Ali and was most thrilled to meet the Bollywood stars.

Leena was also exposed for lying on oath when she had said she never knew the fake account “Neha Saigol” until 2019 when in 2018, Ali’s lawyer confronted her with her interaction with the fake account.

She was then asked about her allegation accusing Shehbaz Taseer of being a thief as he stole her paintings. They say catching one lie means everything is a lie and in her case, it seems multiple lies caught in court.

It is quite evident now why such a deceitful game is planned against superstar Ali Zafar. Disgruntled friends using a precious and powerful movement as a weapon to attack a big star to ride a wave.

It is to be noted that singer Ali Zafar had filed a defamation case against singer Meesha Shafi who alleged the latter of sexual harassment charges, not yet proven before the court.

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