Ali Zafar-Meesha Shafi Case: Shocking Conspiracy Mastermind by Feminist Brigade


Lahore, 25th April: An interesting development took place in court regarding the defamation case filed against singer Meesha Shafi by Pakistan’s superstar Ali Zafar.

According to Baaghi TV’s report, Additional Session Judge Azhar Iqbal Ranjha heard the defamation suit of singer Ali Zafar in Lahore Session’s Court on Saturday.

For the hearing, Meesha Shafi’s friend Leena Ghani came as Meesha’s character witness against Ali Zafar.

Leena Ghani on her Twitter

Make-up artist Leena Ghani took to her Twitter account on Sunday and shared that she appeared before the court for the fourth time in the Meesha Shafi/Ali Zafar defamation case despite COVID cases being on the rise.

The Case

As per reports, Leena alleged Ali Zafar of verbally harassing her by making vulgar jokes at her and making her feel uncomfortable on several occasions.

When she claimed that she broke contact with him, the judge confronted her with her pictures with Zafar after she claimed to be harassed by him.

She was also confronted with pictures of her sister Maheen Ghani who traveled with Zafar to meet all the Bollywood stars. When asked why would her sister travel with her harasser, she had no substantial reply.

She also confessed that knew Meesha Shafi and her lawyer Nighat Dad before Meesha made the allegations.

This is exactly with Zafar has been saying. That it was an organized smear campaign against him launched by closely connected friends with an agenda.

Pictures With Ali Zafar

She was also confronted with her own tweets, she admitted to being a man-hater and also making fun of God and Islam for making Hoors for men.

Images of Leena Ghani’s Tweets


Ms. Ghani confessed that she is the organizer of the Aurat March and collected funds without any audit report.

The fact there is a case pending against Meesha’s lawyer and Leena’s close associate, also the organizer of Aurat March Nighat Dad of illegally receiving foreign funding puts things in perspective now.

However, Ghani was furious at the questions by Ali Zafar’s lawyer. Meanwhile, the interrogation was going on, the court time was over.

Leena Ghani told the court that she would be vaccinated against coronavirus next week after which she will appear again.

After this, the court adjourned the hearing till May 22 and summoned Leena Ghani again.

Inside Story

As per the gossip mill, all these ladies were close friends with Ali Zafar and his wife Ayesha. They had a falling out after which Ali and Ayesha distanced and boycotted them, following which the other socialites also boycotted them and stopped inviting them to their parties.


Since then they have been scheming to teach Zafar a lesson somehow. This is the grand plan they had come up with not knowing that Zafar and his wife would take them to the cleaners and expose them.

However, some insiders have also revealed that the conflict started over the Pepsi contract for the show ‘Pepsi Battle of the Bands’ where Ali Zafar was replacing Atif Aslam for a 15 crore contract.

Meesha Shaif and Atif Aslam are very close friends and Atif asked Meesha to get him back in the show by removing Ali Zafar.

Hence, Ali Zafar was chosen to be made a scapegoat for something larger than most people know.

It is to be noted that artist Leena Ghani recorded her statement alleging that while on the red carpet in London in June 2014, Ali Zafar had kept his hand on her shoulder inappropriately and said ‘my heart longs to kiss you.’

She also alleged that during a dinner in Beirut Express, Ali Zafar had an indecent conversation with her again. Her friend, Ali Zafar’s wife was also present on the occasion.

It is pertinent to mention here that a defamation case has been filed by Ali Zafar against Meesha Shafi, who had accused him of sexual harassment in April 2018.

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