Ali Zafar Presents Evidence of Criminal Conspiracy

Lahore (1st July, 2019): New development in Ali Zafar, Meesha Shafi defamation case. Zafar presents new evidence. 

According to Baaghi TV’s reports, Ali Zafar has presented new evidence of a criminal conspiracy carried out against him by Meesha Shafi to the court and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The evidence confirms that a criminal conspiracy has been hatched against him by individuals closely connected that include Meesha Shafi and lawyer, Nighat Dad.

It has been confirmed that singer, Ali Zafar had tweeted a video of the evidence file as presented to the FIA earlier. The department had assured him that they would take action against the perpetrators.

Photo: Pictured above is Pakistani actress, Maya Ali, who co-starred with Ali Zafar in “Teefa in Trouble”. Maya Ali spoke highly about Zafar saying, “I became his fan when I saw he wanted to include his family in good and bad times during our time in Poland for filming.”
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He had then proceeded to present his evidence in court, in a five hour session, on Monday to explain how the ‘smear campaign’ had been a premeditated and organized crime against him. The timing was set to coincide with the release of Zafar’s upcoming film, Teefa in Trouble, and at the cusp of his performance with a multinational beverage company, claim sources. Zafar had also highlighted how Meesha Shafi had targeted him with “false, malacious and malafide intention”.

It was also confirmed that Rizwan Raees who has been associated with both Zafar and Shafi as their manager, had testified in court against Meesha Shafi. Raees had testified that Meesha had tried to blackmail and threaten Ali Zafar so that he would pull out of his contract with the multinational beverage company:

“Meesha not only blackmailed Ali but also the multinational beverage company to extort money and drop Ali Zafar from the recording. However, Ali refused to be threatened or blackmailed.”

Moreover, Ali Zafar had confirmed Raees’ testimony by saying that he had received messages from Meesha Shafi asking him to step down or he will suffer.

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Photo: Ali Zafar has thanked fans for their support through this tough period in his life and career.

He had continued to say that she had threatened to publicly accuse him of harassment:

“The message I received from Meesha through my agent Rizwan was to step aside from the project or I will suffer. She said that if I don’t leave the project she will publicly accuse me of harassment and furthermore she would not be alone. She would have the #metoo movement behind her, as well as “other girls”, the press and people’s sympathies and I should be wary of how powerful the metoo movement has become and no one has as yet been able to survive an accusation. So just step aside”.   


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