Ali Zafar proposes to have online social media courts

Lahore, 28th September: Ali Zafar, a world-renowned singer and actor of the Pakistan showbiz industry, sought the views of social media users on ‘online social media courts’.

Baaghi TV: In a series of tweets on the social networking site Twitter, Ali Zafar asked his fans for their opinion on a proposal.

He wrote, “What do you think about online social media courts?” Should there be an online social media court so that those who insult the dignity of others in the name of freedom of expression can be apprehended and immediate justice can be provided?

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Explaining why there are separate courts for cases such as damaging one’s reputation through negative propaganda on social media, the well-known singer wrote that those who injure one’s self-esteem through fake news cover-up freedom of expression. Those who do so should be immediately exposed and the perpetrators should be punished.

The singer said that the reason for this is that in the current justice system, by the time the slanderers are brought to justice and exposed, the damage is done as the narrative that could be based on malicious intent or agenda spreads like wildfire within minutes and conventional legal recourse can take years.

Ali Zafar also said that the common weapon to avoid defamation is to silence “freedom of expression”. On the other hand, there are innumerable laws under which those who take unfair advantage of this freedom can be prosecuted.

The actor added that to think that I am more conscious than others is in fact an example of ‘intellectual arrogance’. Those who have real consciousness are not very sympathetic, humble and judgmental.

Explaining the cause of conflicts in the world, Ali Zafar said that the root of all conflicts in the world is the same. That my belief, my principle and my thought are better than yours. This leads to big disputes. Now social media has become a hotbed of controversy that I am right and you are wrong, let’s fight. Social media is a new reflection of human behaviour.

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