‘All for feminism but not in criminal trials’ by Abbas Bokhari

The opposition has reacted with astonishing narratives after Maryam Safdar’s arrest in Chaudhry Sugar Mills’ case from Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore. A plethora of (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz) PML-N leaders asserted that Maryam’s arrest was planned in order to avoid any escalation with India over the recent Kashmir issue. However, the most condemn-able part of the opposition’s narrative was the sexist approach adopted in order to gain public sympathy.

According to PML-N representatives, the govt should have avoided this action because Maryam Safdar is a woman and her dignity as a woman should have been protected. This approach implies that woman should not be tried and investigated in criminal proceedings simply by virtue of them being from the other gender.

In another instance, Bilawal Bhutto delivered an aggressive and infuriating speech in the parliament, and said that “the state should show some courage and rather fight with men”. This statement clearly infers that women in Pakistan are incapable of putting up the fight and struggle in the current political scenario. This statement also trivializes the sacrifices and efforts that women have made in Pakistani politics to this date. Propagation of such a narrative from the mainstream opposition party of Pakistan that portrays itself to be a representative of leftist, liberal and progressive politics in Pakistan is out-rightly condemn-able.



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