All you need to know about PALPA


1. Its an association termed Pakistan Airlines Pilots Associations but do not allow membership to pilots other than PIA.

2. They have no legal representation in the country as the only bargaining agents/association allowed in the National Industrial Relations Act 2012 (allowed under the 18th amendment of constitution of Pakistan) is CBA (labour union). They are just a pressure group.

3. They are the highest paid salaried individuals in the country (more than 35% of total payroll of PIA goes to the pilots who are 450 in number compared with total 13,000 employees i.e., 3% of employees getting 35% of total salaries). They never compromise on business class seats, accommodation at five star hotels and limousine pick and drop. They would insist on offloading business class revenue passengers but would never want to go back in economy.

4. They get paid 75 minimum guaranteed flying allowances (@ Rs. 14,215/hour) even without flying.

5. PALPA as a pressure group does not allow new pilots inductions and only gets pilots sons and daughters as entry pilot in PIA.

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6. A large of number of commercial pilots are available in Pakistan who got trained by Shaheen Air, Air Blue, Bhoja and others and are jobless but despite shortage of pilots, PIA is pushed to hire retired pilots on contract and not to hire fresh pilots.

7. They are angry at PIA management when the management tier announced pay cuts due to financial difficulties suffered by PIA, pilots refused to take a pay cut despite being paid in hundreds of thousands of rupees on average.

8. PIA is undertaking a national level initiative responding on the SOS of stranded Pakistanis abroad and bringing them back home. They do not want to do up and down duties which do not involve attractive slips (per diem in hundreds of dollars) at foreign stations.

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9. PIA CEO has personally assured them that all safety measures would be taken as per their satisfaction, including deep cleaning and disinfection of the aircraft, provision of safety gears and suits and even scheduling them as per their desire. However their demands are now increasing and their president now thinks its below him to talk to CEO PIA and that he should talk to General Secretary PALPA which is at his level. His level is that Minister of Aviation should negotiate with him.

10. Air Force has offered to transport pilots on their planes between Karachi and Lahore to operate the flights but they say they will not go in cargo planes and that PIA management should charter business jets for them to travel.

11. PIA and the country pays them well because they are needed in such emergency times. Refusing duties is treason at this time.

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  1. NHAdnan says

    Mr Ali you write a article about PIA pilot without any proper homework, yes PIA pilots refuses to operate relief flts. and the reason behind this refusal is the company did not provide any proper kit regarding this Corona virus, you are referring doctors examples and it is obvious that not any doctor or any paramedical staff have so much guts to perform their duties without any proper kits. PIA pilots only demands standard fumigation before departure follow CAA SOP (standard operating procedures), and after that I am sure not any single pilot refuses to operate their duty. Thank you so much.

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