American CIA struggles after Pakistan refuses to provide an airbase

Lahore, 8th June: America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) scrambles after Pakistan refuses to provide a single airbase to the superpower. 

According to reports, Pakistan has not bent down to the demand by the American CIA for an airbase despite continuous pressure from the United States.

As per reports from the New York Times, the discussion between the US and Pakistan on the matter has reached a dead end.

One of the major reasons for the deadlock cited by the US publication is the way the CIA had previously used Pakistan’s airbase during the early years of the Afghan war.

According to reports, till 2011, Pakistan’s Shamsi Airbase in Balochistan was under the CIA’s control and was used to carry out hundreds of drone strikes against Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters.

However, after a drone strike on the Salala check post, the relations between Pakistan and the US soured following which, the US forces were expelled from the facility.

The report also stated that according to some American officials, negotiations with Pakistan have reached a deadlock, however, some others have said that a deal is possible with an option still lay on the table.

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